The Workman Castle

The Workman Castle

Sir Edward Coke declared your house is your castle and fortress. This is a great sentiment to have, but why stop at sentiment when you can build a castle house? This house has features that every castle should have. It has a tower with a curved staircase. It has a porte-cochere that leads to a courtyard with attached garages on each side. A great room that is open to the upstairs with a Juliet balcony. The castle is nearly 7,000 square feet including an unfinished, walk-out basement. The homeowner has finished the inside of the castle so there will be very little images of the inside.

"We are certainly enjoying our new home and our location. I do really appreciate working with a builder who let me do so much of the work myself. I got a lot accomplished in the last year and a half; installing the master bathroom, final touches on finishing the whole interior, building a finished basement, finishing the garage (almost done), final grading the yard, installing an outside wall. Still have a lot left to do on the grounds and landscaping.

R. Workman."